fredag 26. november 2010

American Motorcycles

Poul Jørgensen on his Excelsior big port racer at Fanø beach speed trials in 1921.
The Schwinn built Excelsior bigports where fast machines in their time making life pretty hard for Indian and Harley on the racetracks.

I love those early machines where the controls are all mechanical, rods and ball joints. Just think about the labor cost on this compared to the later bowden cables.
Imagine the roar of those exhaust pipes at full throttle along the track.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I saved this one Sverre ...
    Great style.

  2. Indeed Vincent, those guys where tough to the bone and one can just wonder how they afforded those racers as they where not cheap toys back in Yesterdaze neither.
    I seem to remember this bike won several of the races, need to double check that.

  3. great photo! It is really clear, and shows a lot of the details of the bike. Military forks, cushion hub, fabric wrapped on his leg, etc. Looks like a 1919ish model. Those linkages were not cheap to make, but the early Bowden cables were not as reliable as linkages...