lørdag 10. desember 2011

American Motorcycles Norway

This image might not be of the best quality, but still an interesting picture. A beautiful Excelsior w. a sidecar attached, a model 19 (correct me if Ì`m wrong)made by Schwinn in Chicago. This bike is a beauty, grey with red side panels on the fuel tank where a golden X tell you the bike brand. Mother rides pillion, both daughters tucked into the sidecar when the X huff`s and puff`s along the narrow gravel roads. The only way to get across many lakes or rivers these days is by means of barges attached to a submerged cable. This cable was used to propel the barge across as well as it prevented the barge to float downstream when on a river . There are still a limited number of these ferries in use, though slightly upgraded. My favourite is still in use to cross lake Nisser in Telemark, pics have been posted on this blog previously.

The ferry man, a local seems to be a tough and rugged chap. His jacket should desperately need a wash, as well as its size seems to have shrunk or the ferryman`s size have increased since the jacket was purchased, either or.

The stack of fire wood in the far left of the pic make me think there is a steam boat coming to shore to deliver folks and goods whenever passing. Manyt small steamers traveling inland had their boilers heated by means of firewood sold by the locals.

I love these old pics, to read them as a story just by looking.

Keep in mind; Excelsior, always makes good.

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