tirsdag 20. desember 2011

Various ways of relaxing

My last decent motorcycle road trip this autumn, I found myself travel a total of 90km`s gravel road in a single day. Every new sign pointing in the direction of a dead end, I just have to follow it.
You never know what might be there, better check it out.
There is nothing like motorcycling in late Oktober when air is cold and crisp, sun with no real heat, no leafs on the trees make visibility better than any other time of the year, what a day.
Talking to old people with internal clocks who seems to be set to another pace than what we modern people follow is an adventure in itself.
Turning the conversation onto the motorcycle theme is a must, would there by any chance be any left?

When in the evening I`m getting back to the nest, the temperature is just above zero degrees.

Did I pic anything motorcycle related, nope no luck this time, but adding a bunch of periodic oil cans to my collection is a fair substitute.

Why am I writing this in retrospect?
Sob, its because winter starts getting a grab at me now, I would have liked going for a ride on any of my bikes, there is nothing as relaxing as this.

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