onsdag 21. desember 2011

Enrique Pontolillo

Christmas came early this year. Today to be more precise, when recieving a parcel I had been looking forward to get. I tell you I was not dissapointed, nope I was stunned when checking out the last book presented by Eggi, a German Harley enthusiast and author / co-author of several books devoted to the Harley history. This time Eggi offer for your reading / viewing pleasure a 640 pages book including more than 1000 illustrations covering the life of a truly interesting person, living his entire life devoted to Harley Davidson. This person is Enrique Pontolillo, selling Harley Davidson motorcycles in Lima - Peru for allmost a decade.
To get an idea what this book is all about, check out Fritz of Harleysons homepage, order the book at Eggis Pontolillo site on the www.

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