torsdag 5. april 2012

Small things, always these small things (and what they take)

In one way restoring a old Harley engine is a small project, still many small problems part of such a job create a lot of thinking as well as some technical challenges.

Early big twins, Pans up to 1954 have them small threaded pipes screwed into the inlet of each cylinder head. They are to be fixed by a rivet to make sure they never rattle loose. Hmm, mine were very loose, still a problem to remove do to damage caused by the worn rivet (did a post on this a long time ago).

Having purchased new pipes problem rise, how to securely thighten those tiny pieces in the heads without disturbing the external threads??????

Scratching my head listening to some music in the machine shop gave me the idea to the tool shown in pic`s below.

This tool allow high torque to be added to the pipe without needing any torque added to the external threads to unscrew the tool after use. OK, as I am to apply Loctite to the threads in the head I could have waited and most likely used an ordinary pipe with the correct threads inside and when the Loctite was hardened removed the pipe, then again that would not have given the joy in inventing this tool.

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  1. I recommend using Seal-Lock Fluid Weld when installing intake nipples and the rivit.

  2. Thanks a lot for your advice and for commenting.