søndag 1. april 2012

To maintain balance in life

Things are falling together, even with my panhead engine.

It was due time to get the crank assembled, balanced and trued. As this is a task where skill and experience is highly required, I found time was right to get external help.

Vegard is one modest guy with great knowledge based on hands-on experience as well as theoretical know how. He builds engines of great performance combined with reliability, which is hard to combine for most. His 45"`s are both strong runners, I`ll never forget "the green one", sidecar equipped and with a monkey on board ascend the A-bomber hill climb at full throttle some years ago.
Knowing I have more Harley engines coming up for rebuild I managed to convince Vegard in a combined happening, "help with engine" and education in crank balancing and truing.
I convinced Vegard in the educational part by promising him it would save him a lot of future work, a win win situation for the both of us?

Long story short, my crank is now balanced to a 60% factor and my bearing races are true within 1/100 of a mill., need to get some rollers now for them bearings to complete the bottom end.

Thanks a lot Vegard for a long night of work and for your patience with both my crank and all my weird questions.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Imponerande engagemang du har i allt du företar dig, du gör det på riktigt, en god förebild för oss i veteransvängen.

    Nu är det vår och vi blir "fler" på vägarna.


  2. Lars, as is you happen to be a role model in what you achieve with your Ghostbike, guys like you, Vegard and others we find here in the blog sphere is my motivation.

    Its blody cold here but still great riding weather.

    Happy Eastern