tirsdag 24. april 2012

Trygg (Safe)

So you think an engine is fun only when located in a frame that is rolling on wheels. Nope, nothing could be more wrong. Engines are fun even when stationary, stationary but by no means silent, like a Trygg (Norwegian for SAFE) 12-14Hp.

An engine once used to run a local saw mill, at a farm located to far from any community to be connected to electricity of such a capasity. There is nothing like relaxing with a beer in hand to thumps from a Trygg on idle, when the centrifugal regulator is closed and its combustion is taking place every 9`th cycle.

Years ago when I finally found one functional Trygg of this large volum I couldnt resist in buying, this even if my workshop have no room for this. Having had the motor in long time storage inside a railway carriage owned by a local group of steam train enthusiasts, I had almost forgotten it was mine.
All of a sudden I learned they sold the carriages, had to bring my engine home, no need to say I now have a lack of space in the hobby departement.


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