onsdag 19. september 2012

48 Panhead update

So you didnt think I did any to my Bessie since 22 of May this year, this as there have been quiet on the subject on my blog?

You where wrong, a lot have been done since then.
All parts are now painted, the fuel tank is a story in itself, will get back to that one as my universal genius Roald who did all my paint really scared me with his fuel tank operations, it is after all an original. What is good tough is I had to make a nifty tool to get the fuel tap holes to be realigned, could be used later too!

By now the most of the chassis is complete, some electrical is done, engine is done including the timer advance retard unit, carb is done (oh my!!), generator is done and even if this sounds as "not to much" its been a lot. I`m now working on the transmission, no its neither not all OK.

I`m proud of the result and think it will work OK when I hit the road, that is an important detail in this puzzle. I have added a bunch of photos from various tasks in the above description.

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