onsdag 19. september 2012

Lecture on Motorcycle restoration

A couple of months back I was contacted by the local vintage motor historical association, AMK.

They had seen me on my Henderson at a couple of their events this year, I even won a 1`st price for best restoration motorcycles at a event this spring.
Now they wondered if I could lecture on vintage motorcycle restoration at their monthly gathering of members. Its easy to say yes when its still a long time left for the lecture to take place.

Last week the time was there, suddenly. OK, time to improvise.
Brought my Henderson, some blown up photos taken during the restoration, a bunch of tools made to be able to reproduce parts and some repopped parts I made when trying to figure how to get the parts looking most correct according to the originals.
I think most of them car guys where truly surprised in how much work there is in restoring a really sad looking 20ìes vintage motorcycle, where there is a limited access of reproduced parts available.

After all, the evening became a great experience for both myself and my audience.

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