lørdag 8. september 2012

Autumn is here

Damned, suddenly we have September which means we have entered the autumn.
This summer passed in a hurry, thats for sure.
Still, riding in the early autumn is very very beautiful, colder that is for sure, but hey this is easily solved by wearing warmer clothes.
This recent Wednesday, the first Wednesday of September, is the last gathering for motorcycle riders at the valley.
Drove there by my "not so dirty nine", found the usual lot as the weather was great. Mostly all sorts of moderrn stuff, not interesting.
Then there was some older bikes of interest, early seventies Jap bikes, An early Russian outfit, Tempos (off course) and some brit iron, and two ol hogs, mine and Runes Panhead.

Great ride, enjoyed the meet, see you next year!

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