onsdag 9. januar 2013

They are still out there!

My friend Olav have added another bike to his stable, not a Harley this time.

This 1937 Chief was frequently ridden during the eighties, then it dissapeared (they dont do) from the scene and got forgotten by most.

Long story short, Olav managed to get hold of this sleeping beauty and is now in hard work bringing her back to her former glory, good luck!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Nice find!!
    I wonder if there are any more of the 1937 Indian batch still out there? Jac Hansen(the Norwegian Indian distributor) must have pushed out a good number of '37s.

  2. Halvor, I dont know that much on what years Jac. Hansen imported ex police Chiefs to Norway, I know of a couple of more bikes with Jac. Hansen logo on still. They are 38`s, still they could be 37`s that was sold a year after?

    Indeed is finding a Chief like this a great find, when the price is reasonable its even a better find.