torsdag 10. oktober 2013

It`s fall!

It is fall, no doubt about that.
Have been less ol`hog riding the last couple of weeks than normal, should have been far more as the fall weather have been mostly cold and dry. Oh well, after all I have been quite frequently out and about on my secret life Beemer sidecar outfit, a practical mount when roads gets slippery due to leaves from the trees.
A week ago, wednesday it was the first Wednesday of the month. First Wednesday of the month is when a bunch of riders get together at a cafe up in the valley. Cranked to life the "not so dirty nine", had not done so in a long time, had to kick several times, hrmpfhh.
When hitting the road my first thoughts were; whow! there sure is a difference in power from the 48 FL compared to the sedate W . Then a while after when reaching a stretch where the road have loads of sharp bends, he he I didnt miss the dressed up FL at all. Riding the W on curved single lane roads is as close as I will ever get to dancing in a ballet, if you could see me inside the full face helmet you would for sure see the big smile on my face!

Reaching the cafe I found October is not a motorcycle month for most, only a handful of riders there, and no Harleys other than mine on the regular HD parking spot. For sure did those who not found time for a ride in the crisp autumn air miss a great one, even if a do admit I was pretty damned cold when finally reaching home after dark.

The guy in the picture is Maarten, he is actually older than my 39 W and still as fresh as a fish and enjoy riding his bikes.

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  1. Gorik, indeed it is.
    Maarten in the picture is from Holland, stayed here since the sixties.