søndag 18. april 2010

1929 Super-X special, "Always make god"

As I am a fan of the Scwinn produced Excelsior brand of motorcycles I convinced Geir to share a few pics of his 29 Super-X project.
These beauties have casted aluminium tanks as do the Henderson KJ`s from the same period of time.
Super-X`s where fast and furius in their hay-days, a powerfull lightweight motor in a stiff cradle frame with easy handling.
A factory Super Sport hop-up kit was availiable for those willing to pay for reaching the 100Mph mark.
Unfortunately those bikes where driven hard and hence there are less survivors.

Keep in mind; Super-X is what scared Indian to come up with the 101 in 1928 and Harley to eventually release the DL in 1929.

Look forward to start wrenching on my own Super-X eventually.

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  1. Groovy. I'm working on a 1916, 1914 and a 1913. Good luck and thanks, Paul Bangkok/Los Angeles