lørdag 10. april 2010

Road action

Went up early this morning, bright outside but still cold, 3 degree C. Time to get my bobber ready to hit the road when the sun gets up.
Rolled up my sleeves and got my my rear chain changed from the "normal" after market crap chain to a piece of chain excellence, Renold Grand Prix Motorcycle racing. There is just enough space in the gearbox to allow the use of this chain wich builds far more, hence its strength and durability..
Greased all lube joints, adjusted valves, reset ignition to spot on, drained the cranck case from a long winter rest, re-parkerized my footboard extensions (played with the drill on those erlier this winter), greased the leather on both seat and pillion pad, filled gas and checked my oil, ready to go!

Hit the road up the valley, planned on a roundtrip that would get me home before sun goes down (got sick last year on my first spring drive after getting home with temperature beeing 1 degree C).

Aint life wonderful, got so excited that I scraped both my footboards at several occasions, cool.

When getting further up the valleys there where plenty of snow along the roads still. White mountains in the end of the view.

Why dont they make roadsigns in cast iron no more? Hand painted nd riveted to a huge block of stone.

No need to bring fishing rod yet, could most likely have driven on the ice still.

Did I reach home before sun went down?, NO.
Did I get cold?, YES.
Am I going to get sick this year too?, time will show.

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