søndag 9. januar 2011

American Motorcycles

Uffe sent me an e-mail with a cool picture showing his joy and pride, a 74" (1200cc) Harley JD from 1929. Caracteristic for the 29 is the twin headlamps. This was the last year of manufacture for the IOE Harley engine. This engine was the last in a line continously developed from 1905 (ref. Herbert Wagner in his excellent book "At the creation").
Many customers would miss the torque and snappy throthle of the IOE during the first years of the VL.
With reference to my previous post on JD John Cameron some will know he did beat the Flatheads on the race tracks for years even after the IOE`s where sanctioned from racing.

Uffes bike is for go more than show. Check out the cool detail with a ring of rope around the front wheel hub to awoid dirt sticking when traveling gravel roads. Another very cool detail is the drop forged rear fork legs, an item that came with the flatheads and wich you will never find in any IOE parts book.
More on this matter can be found here;

As you might see this bike feature the optional fork stabilizer offered to avoid the upper front fork tubes from flexing and eventually break.

I love your bike Uffe.

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