fredag 23. mars 2012

"Gutta på tur" (on tour)

This is a great shot of some early NMK members on tour. As this picture is most likely captured approx 1916-17 it is even more interesting, will need to find some names on these gentlemen.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Bildet er tatt sommeren 1917.
    C 244 Halvor Haneborg H-D. A-161 Ragnvald Gundersen.Henderson. C 248 er reg som bil noe navn?Kan det være Bjarne Rein? A-1646 Exelsior Thorvald Sverdrup. Nr 3 kan jeg ikke lese skiltet på!
    Bue D-A

  2. Bue, your the best, as always! Will get back to you by mail soon.

    In this last bunch of pics I have come across is so many cool pics, I just love this early motorcycling.

    Happy Eastern