fredag 23. mars 2012

Rebirth of "Bessie"

Finally it feels slightly positive owning a 48 Panhead, its getting re-born.
This ol girl is now black as ebony, hence her new name Bessie, which we do know and remember, uh?

AND, why the Fu"¤# do I need to replace a bunch of Phillips headed screws from my 100% correct Cycle-Ray headlight copy???? Oh dear, stuff like that interferes with my digestion and make me drink more alcohol.

My original Guide Thombstone is going to be sooo sweet when coming back together, I will forget "Cyclewarehouseonline" ripped me off big time with adding a huge shipping fee on a NOS lens bought on e-bay and that the "TED" made bezels dont fit an original lamp and lens, thank god J&P have one that does.

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