onsdag 7. mars 2012

"Oh damned it Dagny"

This is a rare picture indeed, pictured is one of very few female motorcycle racers from our past. I found this picture last year when I visited the son of a Norwegian motorcycle hero, this to copy his fathers photo album, its only identity where the name Dagny written on the back.
Little did i know that young Dagny actually had been a lonely flower (Uhm, well there was actually one more, Mimmi whom we will get back to later)competing in Norwegian motorcycle races such as Korktrekkeren where all other motorcycle riders where male.
When I recently read trough a newspaper coverage of the 1927 Korketrekkeren uphill race I suddenly became aware there was a mention of Dagny the female rider.

Dagny, for sure had I read this name before, frenetically searching my files to find the location of my Dagny picture.
My curiosity rising towards high level, finding the surname of Dagny in the coverage, thank god it was not Nilsen or Hansen as this would create a bunch of work.

A couple of hours later I spoke with Dagnys niece, a cool young lady aged some 80 years.

She told me Dagny had been her crazy aunt when she was a young girl, swearing like any man could ever dream of, hence her nick name "Oh damned it Dagny".
Its kind of cool talking to an elderly lady telling you the secret of Dagny not winning her class in Korketrekkeren 85 years ago where the fact she had tuned her own engine, this in despite (according to her niece) her lack of mechanical skills.

An older Dagny, having ended her motorcycle career, moved to live all alone in the Norwegian mountains where she hunted, fished and harvested what nature would give.
This gave her a new nickname, "Queen of the mountains". There should be no doubt on her capability to hunt, at age 15 she got her first rifle from her father, this according to her niece.
For sure have Dagny been a tomboy of her time.

To read more on Dagny, check out a piece of ART made by an young female relative having her own blogspot site.

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