søndag 11. mars 2012

Motorcycle jerseys

Back in the days, like "yesterdaze", cool dudes who were riding a cicle wore a wool jersey. The very cool ones with enough funds would buy their jersey from an accessory catalog released by the maker of their favorite motorcycle.
Some tend to think motorcycle jerseys were fashions of thirties, forties and fifties. Oh no, motorcycle factories like Harley, Indian and others offered their brand jerseys from the late teens.

A motorcycle jersey have multiple functions, it will keep you warm, stylish and not to forget it could tell what is your favorite brand cicle or what gang you feel belonging to.

These are universal needs, both in time and place, get yourself and or your mates one, riding season is coming closer day by day.
Frequent guests at this blog will remember I can get you a jersey from Fred at De-luxe jerseys, I`m very pleased with his products and service from a number of previous supplies.
Any text or number could be choosen, check out Freds homepage.

Some Norwegian bike riders from yesterdaze and their jerseys;

Macke Nicolaysen wearing his Harley factory jersey with patch as do Bjarne Fosskaug even at a picnic (OK he rode there), both Jac. Hansen and Fr. Dieseth two more twenties Norwegian race aces wear their jerseys with pride and finally Mr. cool the ACE driver Alf Granheim wearing an all white one which make us believe there are no mechanical entertainment in owning such a bike.

Both Macke and Bjarnes Harley jerseys are found in the excelent book on the theme of yesterdays motorcycle fashions by Rin Tinaka, its sold out from the editor but frequently found on e-bay or amazoon.
Its hereby recomended as a must have book in your collection.

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