torsdag 29. mars 2012

Vulgar or not??

Havent decided yet, if the look of hub caps look great or vulgar. For sure adding hubcaps will make the hub greasing procedure a nightmare.
Anyone got an idea of how to extend the grease point to acess without having to tear down the entire hub cap?

5 kommentarer:

  1. Dare I suggest drilling a hole in the hub cap and using a chrome plug??????

  2. You have to keep Autosol in your pocket....

  3. I like the hubcaps but not with the side lights.
    Jim A., Tucson, AZ

  4. You're well on the way to the full mounty! Chromed fat 16 in rims, window, crash bars rear and front with spot lights and a couple of bull horns, bumpers with cheese graders front and rear, fender strips and ornaments, blinkers and position lights the more the merrier, california bar and dual mirrors, studded bags with glass dots everywhere, fringes on the fat buddy seat, chromed reg.plate frame, chrome everything and then some more chrome.

    If you're heading for the dark side, so go ahead! ;-))

  5. Jeff, your idea is god, think I need to follow up that as removing them caps is to much work for greasing a hub, will post whatever gets the final decission.

    Stig, Autosol and a rag as well as a can of WD 40 to spray all over :-)

    Jim, them tailgunners seems to be a part of the "packagae" when looking at old dresser pics, have another pair but unsure if they will be added.

    Charlie, I got your point, cant promise I will follow up on all your suggestions of dresseer lull, still, YES YES YES, I`m heading for the dark side indeed.

    Happy eastern and thanks for yer comments guys.