lørdag 3. mars 2012

ISDT 1923

Still working trough the last bunch of pics found from the Scandinavian 1923 ISDT rally.
One of our Norwegian motorcycle heroes, Knut Espedal rode his Harley Davidson 61" (1000cc) in a team with 3 other Harley riders, Oscar Wiger, Ernst Vaumund, and Eric Mathiesen as well as one Indian run by Bjarne Wisth, oh yeah we know he was soon to convert from Injuns to Harley.

Knut did very well in the 1000cc class, according to relatives he held the lead trough out the rally, except from one heat where he lost control and got a head injury as well as a broken arm.
Did the accident set an end to Knuts participation in the race? Oh no, he soon flied the hospital to find his team mates had got his bike back to fit and continued the remaining heats with great success.

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  1. Absolutely stunning pictures!

    1. Charlie, thanks mate for your comment. I`ve got such a lot of great pictures now from this event that must have been very important for those competing.
      I will make a write up eventually :-)

      take care,