mandag 19. juli 2010

American Motorcycles Norway

Injun from eastern part of Norway, B-560. This bike had his home in the Rakkestad area, between Moss and Halden.

This ca 1916-17 Injun Power Plus is captured in 1921 by the wife of the driver and owner of the bike. His passengers are three brothers, all cousins of the driver. Those guys seems to have a jolly god time.

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  1. Fantastic Blog and Pictures !
    my daily visit
    greetings from the Southsiders!

  2. Yes, its a fantastic blog. I truly enjoy these period pictures and the storys that follow and I also enjoy your riding stories and build diary. I'm amazed of what you find and surely would contribute if I had a source of pictures but sorry to say I haven't. I been scrounging thru the local museum picture treasure but found none bike pic and just a few automobilia. I'm into Indian 101's and eagerly awaiting a report on your -31! Put that measly super x on a shelf!

  3. Vincent, thanks a lot for your comment. Your Southsiders blog have been a great inspiration to me, and as you know its on my favs list.

    Charlie 101, I kind of guessed you where into 101`s, he he. Super X versus 101 / DL. I find the Super X an interresting machine from a historic point of view. Keep in mind the Scwinn produced Super X scared Indian to make the 101 and further on Harley to get the DL going.
    The youngsters wanted speed and roadholding capabillities, Scwinn realised first and abandoned his long lasting line of Excelsior`s v-twin to make Super X`s and Henderson`s only.
    The Hendersons took care of the commersial market and those who wanted a hauler.

    But, truly I need to get my 101 going, working on founding :-)