søndag 11. juli 2010

Summer time, into the mountains

Today is kind of different from what have been the "normal" in a long time, I`m home and it`s raining. The last two weeks have been spent pretty much on the road with my "secret life" Beemer sidecar outfit.

Looking back 20-25 years with motorcycling its harder ahd harder to find these beautiful spots where one can stay alone with a camp fire for days and days, fishing your own meals and so on.
First of most remote gravel roads leading into the mountains are closed of wirh a locked gate now or there have been built a huge number of cabins on the location with the size of a house.
OK, enough complaining, there are still some places left to go. I was lucky to be able to lend a little lady from her mother to go on trip to such a place last week where we did swim, fish and kept a campfire going for days lit only once by a single match. Life aint to bad.

All packed and ready to go

"Your home is your castle"

1/4 of a mile with beach all for oneself. Beeng a shallow lake make the water temp very pleasant.

Camfire is important to keep the mosquitos away after the sun goes down

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